Who We Are


Our purpose is to know God in a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and to help others do the same.

In essence, we want to meet needs. That is what we are all about. Like all churches, we have some labels...

We are Brook Hollow because of where we are located; but our people are all over Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and the world.

We are Baptist because we believe in the freedom of all people to know God, but everyone is always welcome here.

We are a church because we are a community of believers united for the common purpose of loving God, others, and ourselves unconditionally; but we prioritize the individual.

If you have real problems, real hurts, real joys, and real celebrations, then you will feel comfortable here. You will grow here, and find help here.

That's our commitment to you.

What We Do


We minister to the whole person. We love all people equally.

We believe all people are made in the image of God and deserve unconditional love and respect. That's why we try to treat everyone we meet with dignity.

That's our commitment to you.


How We Do It


We worship in spirit and in truth. We offer growth opportunities to all ages. We give back to the community.

Here at Brook Hollow, we make worship a priority. We use the finest of traditional and contemporary music and the spoken word to make practical points about everyday life.

We create dynamic opportunities for all ages to learn, stretch, and grow in ways they may never have dreamed possible. We study the Bible, we seek to live out its truth; we are always looking for the connection between real faith and real life.

We find it in places like our "Room in the Inn" program that shelters homeless persons during the winter. We find it in places like the mountains of Appalachia, where our mission teams go each summer to share a ray of hope in one of the poorest regions on earth. We find it in hospital rooms, in waiting rooms, and in living rooms all over our city.

You see, we want to meet needs...maybe your needs. But we need you, as well. That's what this church thing is all about: you take a little out, you put a little back in.

That's our commitment to you.