Where are you located and what time is the service?

We are located at 678 Brook Hollow Road in Nashville, Tennessee. We have Bible study every Sunday morning at 9:15, and the worship service begins at 10:30.

What does this church believe?

Brook Hollow Baptist believes many things, but the most important belief is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We also believe that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. These are only two of the things we believe, but they guide how we serve and interact with our community. For more on what we believe, click HERE.

What are the worship services like?

The worship services at Brook Hollow are very special. The musical elements of our worship are blended, drawing from traditional, contemporary, and gospel influences. We integrate a variety of instruments as often as possible and draw from classic liturgy as well as Scripture readings, prayer, and other sources.

Can I come Casual?

Of course! Each week, you will see individuals dressed across the spectrum--from casual attire to suits and dresses. Our ministry staff will also mix it up in what they wear to worship. Come as you are!

I have young kids; where do I take them when I arrive?

When you arrive at Brook Hollow, you will see that most people gather in the lobby area at the main entrance. There will be someone to escort you to the nursery area, children's area, and youth area for Sunday School. During the worship service, everyone gathers in the sanctuary. After the musical portion of the service, children up to 4th grade are dismissed to Children's church with our children's minister.

Do I need to be baptized to become a member?

Yes. We believe baptism is an important feature of the church. Baptism does not bring salvation to anyone, but we believe it is a fantastic testimony of your salvation experience in Jesus Christ.

How do I become a member?

There are several ways to become a member of Brook Hollow Baptist Church. 1) By profession of faith: confessing your sin, repenting of your sin, choosing to follow Jesus Christ, and being baptized. 2) By transferring your membership to Brook Hollow: this means you are a member of another Christian church and have been baptized. 3) By statement of faith: this means you have previously professed faith in Jesus Christ and have been baptized, but may not have formally joined a church. Most people will declare their intent to join the church at the end of a worship service.

I want to get involved. Are there opportunities for me?

Yes! Sing in the choir. Teach a Bible study. Mentor children and youth. Visit senior adults. Go on a mission trip. Read Scripture during worship. Serve on the media team. Cook on Wednesday nights. There are many ways you can volunteer your time and talents at Brook Hollow! During the winter months, we host Room In the Inn once a week. Other ministries include a prison ministry and Begin Anew (formerly Christian Women's Job Corps). These ministries always need volunteers! We also have other missions and ministries that occur throughout the year.

Do I need to put money in the offering plate when it comes around?

Only if you want to give or are able to give.

How do I learn more about becoming a Christian and my walk with God?

Contact Pastor Tom HERE - he will be very excited to answer your questions and journey with you to discover God's love.

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